Supporting data-driven business decisions

Helping restaurants forecast and plan

Restaurants operate on razor-thin margins and successful operators are experts at optimising their shifts to seat more diners.

OpenTable … has allowed me to add almost an extra seating on Saturdays.

Joel Placeres, Co-Owner & Director
Lobos Meat and Tapas
Soho, London

Get insights into your occupancy over a week, day, or shift. Learn how busy your restaurant is today and how it is performing against past data. Based on the data this report provides, you can adjust inventory or run a marketing campaign to entice more diners.

  • Understand how effectively restaurant is filling up (or forecasted to) and where you can get more covers at quiet times, as well as where the peaks are
  • Quickly and clearly access historical and future data analysis, to see which shifts are busy or underperforming compared to the past
  • Spot trends, so you can forecast with confidence and make future adjustments to things like staffing, inventory and marketing