OpenTable is built for restaurant groups of all sizes

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Attract more diners

We have access to the largest dining network in the world, and when you use OpenTable for Restaurants, so do you.

  • OpenTable seats more than 30 million diners via online reservations each month.
  • Drive brand visibility by building robust restaurant profiles on OpenTable and making reservations easier on your own sites.
  • Target the diners you want, fill your slower shifts and incentivise guests to book during off peak times with marketing campaigns.
  • Know your return on investment with robust reporting to see when your restaurants need diners most and track campaign results.

Build relationships

Bring together visit, purchase, feedback and social data to get a complete view of your guests.

  • Deliver personalised service with more guest details and preferences at your staff’s fingertips.
  • Turn your guests into regulars through customised and targeted guest communications.
  • Manage your reputation by listening to guest feedback across 15+ sites, responding to reviews and sending post-dining surveys.
  • Take action based on insights from staff scorecards and automated reports.

Run smooth shifts

Run your restaurants with confidence using OpenTable’s cloud-based platform.

  • Seamlessly manage walk-ins, waitlists and reservations
  • Set accurate expectations with your guests
  • Optimize seating and maximize turns
  • Be prepared with pre-shift digest emails, shift overviews, and performance analytics

Manage from one centralised platform

Running multiple restaurants is hard work. Doing it all in one place doesn’t need to be.

  • Easily identify performance trends with at-a-glance reporting across all of your locations in one screen
  • Share guest data — like contact info, notes, and preferences – between multiple locations
  • Control staff directory and what they can access using admin tools
  • Trusted security and control across all OpenTable apps and services

Connect the dots

OpenTable has powerful integrations with the systems your business depends on.

  • Link reservations to revenue with POS Integration at no additional cost
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  • Branded bookings and content across your sites, social pages, apps and more
  • Centralised reservations with our booking API that connects in real time, to all of your locations’ availability
  • Track all your private dining leads in a single place
  • Automatically integrate your OpenTable guest data with your reporting, marketing, and loyalty systems using our APIs

It’s a group thing

We’ve spent over 20 years creating tools for restaurant groups of all sizes.

Get all of this and more with OpenTable for Restaurants

  • Reservation and waitlist management
  • Fast table management
  • Customisable guest management
  • POS integration
  • Works even when wi-fi doesn’t
  • Owner App
  • Free training and 24/7 support
  • Unlimited devices at no extra cost

Plans and pricing

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