Restaurant Management Software for Hotels

OpenTable serves more than 5,000 hotels across 90 countries

Deliver extraordinary guest experiences at your hotel

OpenTable serves more than 5,000 hotels across 90 countries

Own and optimise your guest data

Get a comprehensive view of your guests and how they dine with you.

POS integration

Understand past experiences and spend with POS integration — at no additional cost.

Guest data

Share guest data — including preferences, notes and visit history — and make bookings across your property to deliver a consistent, first-class hospitality experience.


Integrate your OpenTable guest data with your reporting, marketing, and loyalty systems using our APIs.

Deliver hospitality with a personal touch

Create experiences that’ll keep guests coming back for more.

Deliver hospitality with a personal touch

Create experiences that’ll keep guests coming back for more.

Guest details

Personalise service with guest details at your fingertips, plus get mobile app notifications, so you never let a VIP slip by.

Centralised feedback

Manage guest feedback — and your reputation — all in one place.

Automated emails

Turn your guests into regulars with automated and targeted emails.

Keep diners coming in

Get more eyes on your Food & Beverage offerings and drive more bookings using the marketing tools at your fingertips.

Digital marketing campaign

Bring in valuable guests when you need them most by running a digital marketing campaign on OpenTable.

Targeted campaign

Reach locals, out-of-towners, and even first-timers by starting a targeted campaign.

Streamline reservations

Enable your concierge to book and manage reservations on behalf of your guests.

“Many people didn’t know The May Fair has an outside terrace area. However, through OpenTable, we were able to communicate the outdoor dining capabilities with guests, and we were inundated with bookings as a result.”

Sheetal Varia, Head of Operations
Edwardian Hotel, London

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