Offer reservations for your pub or bar

Whether you need a way to manage your operations in the age of COVID-19 or just want to create social distance between guests, you can now offer reservable seating for the most important seats in your drinking establishment.


Welcome in.

Give guests a simple way to book a spot at your bar or in the beer garden.
Tell us what you need and we’ll get you up and running today.

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Keep ‘em coming, keep the distance

Maintain a safe and steady flow of drinking guests while respecting social distancing guidelines.

  • Avoid long lines and manage a crowd by offering reserved seats at your bar or in your beer garden.
  • Manage expectations and maximise revenues by setting time limits on reservations.
  • Share what you’re doing to create a safe and healthy environment on your profile.
  • Offer a waitlist that allows guests to wait away from your space prior to their reservations.
  • Keep tabs on your capacity and adapt your floorplan to accommodate spacing mandates.

Reopen and fill up, safely

Keep the drinks and business flowing by attracting thirsty people who book through our network.

  • Put your business in front of our network of bookers—OpenTable seats more than 31 million people via online reservations each month.
  • Give people the ability to book directly through your website and app.
  • Drive revenue and minimise no-shows with special offers.
  • Showcase takeaway or delivery options to people looking to stay home.

Open for business—and drinks

Welcome back and reconnect with valuable guests with ease.

  • Manage your reservations on-the-go with our mobile app for managers.
  • Recognise and delight loyal customers with insights at your fingertips through free POS integration.
  • Tap into our dashboards and reporting to track feedback and trends.