How restaurants can benefit from using QR codes beyond menus

restaurant staff showing how to use QR codes

QR codes are a wonderfully simple piece of tech allowing people to scan a code with their smartphone. They are convenient for restaurants, which can offer a range of features through QR codes. Historically, eateries have made the most out of QR codes by connecting them to their menus. But that’s not the only benefit, and there are other ways you can implement them at your spot. With that in mind, here’s how you can make QR codes work for your restaurant and how OpenTable helps generate free codes.

Encourage reservations

QR codes can take guests to a reservations page in just a few clicks, where they can book a table on your website or OpenTable profile. You can add them to pretty much anything you like, including on promotional material like flyers, takeaway orders or in your windows. And because they’re so discreet, the codes won’t hinder design layouts of your marketing material yet are still easily recognisable.

Share more information about your restaurant

Get people in the know about your spot by using QR codes to share general information. Pop the code on some marketing collateral at your restaurant, display it in the window and let them scan away to get details about opening hours, dress code, special events, the chef, other team members and much more. Using QR codes is a great way to provide more insight and turn curious diners into guests booking tables.

Boost your marketing efforts

QR codes can play an essential role in the marketing of your restaurant. Include codes that link to your latest promotional efforts, such as deals on special menus, happy hours and any other promotions you have to offer that will help entice diners through your doors.

Build a community with social media

As well as general marketing, you can use QR codes to send people to social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. Build your community and show guests where they can join you to participate in the conversation. Community building is vital for creating a loyal customer base, so get the QR codes in motion and increase awareness for your social media pages.

Reduce the queues

A busy restaurant with a waitlist shows your spot is in demand, but why not reduce the queues while staying just as popular? With a QR code, you can encourage guests to join your online waitlist by placing the codes in your entryway and windows. Diners can then scan the code, view their place in line and receive a notification when the table’s ready. It stops lengthy queues and allows your restaurant to run more smoothly without congestion at the door.

Get important feedback

Let diners rave about your meal or even leave helpful feedback about where you can improve. By creating a QR code that links to a feedback survey, you can get insights from guests while showing them they’re valued customers. Offer the QR codes at the end of meals, so they leave feedback while everything is fresh in their mind.

Go behind the scenes

Give your guests a more intimate look into your restaurant set-up by creating QR codes linking to videos and photos that take them behind the scenes. Link to images of the kitchen area, as well as videos of chefs preparing the ingredients. You can even get creative and include these links on your menu, giving guests more insight into what dishes look like and how the chef makes them.

Expand the dining experience

Use QR codes to engage with guests further, linking to blog posts on your website or quizzes and other content that will keep them entertained until the food arrives. Go one step further and encourage them to scan your code and participate in competitions, with winners getting everything from a bottle of wine with their food to comping the entire meal.

Update guests on delivery details

Give guests an easy way to order takeaway and delivery with custom QR codes. Again, you can post them in entryways and the restaurant window, letting guests know you offer delivery while providing them with an easy way to book. Then, when the food arrives, add more QR codes to menus linking to more details about your restaurant.

Offer digital payments

As well as giving guests access to your menu through a QR code, why not let them pay for the meal too? Using QR codes to pay is becoming increasingly popular in restaurants, as it saves time and gives guests more control over their experience. Allowing diners to order and pay digitally also frees up your staff during hectic periods.

Get on the wifi

One of the first questions anyone asks no matter where they go is, “do you have wifi?”. If your spot offers free internet access to guests, make it easy for them to get online by scanning a QR code and connecting to your network. It saves guests having to do it manually and input the password. Just leave a QR code on the menu or somewhere on the table and let them scan away to the world wide web.

Summary: quick responses for a better restaurant experience

QR codes can add another layer to your restaurant, giving you clever ways to run promotions, interact with guests, and make everyone’s lives easier when eating at your spot. And you can even create free, unique QR codes on OpenTable and give guests more access to menus, reservations, your restaurant profile and more.

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