Different types of private dining and venue hire


Private dining and venue hire can be a lucrative revenue stream for restaurants. Whether it’s an exclusive chef’s table, a semi-private room or a full buyout, offering customised private event spaces allows you to cater to a range of group sizes and budgets. 

In this guide, we explore the different types of private dining and venue hire options restaurants can provide to attract more event bookings and create exceptional experiences for guests.

Why offer private dining and venue hire?

Private dining presents a chance to showcase your restaurant’s hospitality in an elevated way. From corporate outings to celebratory gatherings, dedicated event spaces give you an opportunity to provide personalised service and customised menus. 

Offering venue hire also opens up new revenue opportunities beyond standard dining room service. With the right private dining options, you can benefit from accommodating more group bookings and maximising profits.

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Different types of private dining

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to bring in more income through private dining and venue hire experiences. Here are some options you can use to increase the likelihood of guests booking private dining at your spot. 

Chef’s table or kitchen counter

For an immersive dining experience, consider offering a chef’s table or kitchen counter dining. Guests get a front-row view of the action to watch chefs meticulously prepare each course. These intimate spaces typically seat around six to 12 people and provide an elevated dining encounter that feels personalised and private.

Private dining rooms

Enclosed private dining rooms let groups have their own secluded space while still being part of the restaurant’s ambiance. Rooms can be customised with audio and visual equipment, special decor and personalised menus. Capacities tend to range from small eight-person rooms to larger spaces for 50-plus guests.

Semi-private spaces

For a middle ground between full privacy and open dining, semi-private spaces like alcove seating or curtained-off areas offer a degree of seclusion. These flexible spaces can accommodate groups of various sizes without compromising the energy of the main dining room.

Full buyouts

Making your entire restaurant available for private hire opens up the possibility of hosting everything from intimate wedding ceremonies to large-scale corporate events. Full buyouts mean you can fully immerse guests in your restaurant’s branding with customised food and drink menus as well as complete facility access.

Outdoor areas

If your restaurant has a patio, terrace or other outdoor space, consider offering it for private bookings along with your inside space. These areas can host events like rehearsal dinners, baby showers, anniversary parties and more, all while providing a unique outdoor ambiance.


Different types of private dining and venue hire guests

With versatile private dining and venue hire options, your spot can cater to a diverse array of party and event needs, such as: 

Corporate event and meetings

Offering private dining rooms or semi-private areas turns your restaurant into an appealing setting for corporate meetings, team offsites, client entertainment, holiday parties and more. Customisable menus, audio and visual capabilities and dedicated service provide an upscale experience to anyone looking for corporate events.

Weddings and rehearsal dinners

Couples are increasingly turning to restaurants to host micro-weddings, rehearsal dinners and post-wedding brunches. With a full restaurant buyout, they can craft their wedding experience with personalised decor, menus and the ambiance of an established venue.

Birthday, anniversary and celebrations

From intimate anniversary dinners at the chef’s table to big birthday bashes, private dining areas create a setting so restaurants can be the backdrop for marking milestone occasions. Curated menus and separate spaces create a celebratory atmosphere.

Networking and social Events

Private rooms, patios or restaurant buyouts offer an upscale yet lively setting for networking events, alumni gatherings, social club meetings and other group functions. Dedicated service and bar packages keep the occasion running smoothly.

Family reunions and special gatherings

With flexible seating capacities, private spaces give families a place to reconnect over a meal during reunions, special gatherings, graduations and more. Restaurants provide a hassle-free event venue alternative to hosting at home.

No matter the occasion, offering thoughtful private dining options means restaurants can be a premium destination for all types of group dining experiences beyond standard service.

Providing a memorable guest experience

While the fundamentals of exceptional service and hospitality apply across all private events, crafting truly memorable experiences often comes down to personalising for the specific occasion. 

Here are some tips for making sure your private dining hits the mark, no matter the celebration:

Corporate events and meetings

For corporate affairs, thoughtful branding opportunities can make an impact. Offer to include company logos on printed menus, wine glass charms or projected displays. Upscale amenities like device charging stations and high-speed WiFi are nice, practical touches.

For meetings, providing AV capabilities, smartboards and adjustable sound help solidify a productive gathering. Curated ‘meeting break’ snacks and beverage packages can also enhance the experience.

Weddings and rehearsal dinners

Engaged couples will appreciate your space’s flexibility to accommodate different wedding styles and cultural traditions. Offer customisable decor packages, signature cocktails and diverse menu options to reflect their vision.

For rehearsal dinners specifically, provide ideas for creative ice breakers or games to warmly welcome both families. Display dessert stations for that wow factor.

Birthdays and anniversaries

Make the guest of honour feel truly celebrated by surprising them with a custom-printed menu highlighting their favourite dishes. Offer luxury additions like a VIP bar tasting or meeting the chef for a personalised experience.

Social events and gatherings

For lively social affairs, aim to create an energetic atmosphere by placing high-top tables and lounges for mingling. Elevated passed bites, food stations, craft cocktails and live music will keep the party atmosphere going strong.

Unique entertainment like caricature artists, photo booths or casino games can enhance celebratory environments.

No matter the occasion, paying attention to the small experiential details and personalising accordingly ensures your private dining spaces provide an unforgettable backdrop for any celebration.

Summary: different types of private dinding and venue hire

With the right private dining spaces and a thoughtful approach, you can position your restaurant as a premier destination for all types of celebratory events. Offering private dining is a smart way to boost revenue and cement your reputation.