7 restaurant trends to look out for in autumn 2022

Restaurant Trends in Autumn

Just like that, the summer has gone, and autumn is here. For restaurants, autumn time offers the chance to freshen things up, with summer’s al fresco dining yesterday’s news and guests now looking for cosy options as the weather cools down.  Besides the temperature changes, restaurants should consider other factors that can boost covers. Here, we present the 7 top restaurant trends in autumn 2022. From special celebrations to seasonal menus, ensure your spot is ready for the months ahead.

Embrace local diners

The 2022 summer season saw a flock of tourists heading to the UK. And while autumn will likely still be popular with holidaymakers, it’s also an excellent time to focus on local diners. When the nights get darker sooner and the temperature drops, people might decide to stay in their homes more often. 

You can give them a reason to leave the house and dine out during the autumn with unique Experiences designed to offer special meal moments. From tasting menus to putting a twist on traditional dining, offering seasonal Experiences enhances the time guests spend at your restaurant and pleases their seasonal cravings. 

For instance, The Wellington Lounge on London’s Park Lane offers the new Colours of Autumn Afternoon Tea experience and promises to attract guests on the hunt for cosy autumn vibes with delicious seasonal produce.

Offer takeaway options

There’s always the option of takeaway for those diners who can’t be convinced to leave their homes during the colder months. Nowadays, most people expect restaurants to offer some form of delivery service, and it’s important to cater to those needs. 

By offering takeaway, you can diversify your revenue streams and stay competitive with other restaurants in your area. Let people know you offer takeaway by promoting it in your restaurant, across your social media and through marketing communications.. 

No more al fresco? 

Autumn is a tricky month to predict weather-wise. It’s not uncommon for the temperature to drop below 15 celsius, but it can also hang around in the late teens and offer mild settings. Therefore, don’t discard al fresco dining entirely. Set your outside dining area up, if possible, to reflect the weather, and make sure your floor plan is updated.

If you offer outdoor dining, assemble the heaters, so guests are catered for if the temperature does drop. It might also be worth freshening up the layout during this time of year, whether adding a new coat of paint or replacing the furniture. An updated look sets the scene for guests who still want to dine outdoors. 

Special menu opportunities

The type of food people consume changes from summer to autumn. Gone are light bites, which are replaced with comfort-led dishes. Many restaurants change their menu during the autumn, offering seasonal options like special soups, pumpkin, apple and sweet potato dishes. 

It may also be worth rethinking your drinks menu to stay ahead of the autumn restaurant trends. Options like spiced pear gin cocktails and caramel apple martinis pair well with seasonal dishes. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your menus and offer guests options that are trending this season. Plus, using seasonal ingredients can be cost-effective and help reduce food waste at your restaurant. 

A time for celebration

Many celebrations take place in autumn. First up is Diwali, closely followed by Halloween and Bonfire Night.  

These occasions present an opportunity to boost covers at your restaurant. Now is a great time to set up an Experience with a special menu option.

Hertfordshire-based Indian dining restaurant Bhageesha is among the many looking to celebrate special occasions, getting ready to welcome new diners and regulars to their special Diwali Party. It promises to offer an experience that brings together the local community. 

Do some marketing to promote your Experience, whether it’s a Boost Campaign or sending emails to past guests, letting them know they can celebrate these occasions at your restaurant. 

Lastly, consider decorating your spot for the occasion, with pumpkins and spooky decorations being almost a must-have autumn restaurant trend. It might even be worth doing a fancy dress evening, with the staff dressing up to add to the occasion. 

It’s never too early to think about the festive season

Before you know it, the festive season will be here, and your restaurant will be filled with trees and other seasonal decorations. Don’t let the festive season catch you off guard, and start preparations well ahead of time, so you’re ready for guests in December. 

Consider how your space can accommodate large bookings, such as festive corporate parties as well as private dining. And plan your festive menus and opening hours. Ramp up the marketing comms, letting people know your restaurant is ready to take bookings for the festive season.

Trending this autumn

Keeping on top of the latest trends allows you to position your restaurant as a forward-thinking spot with excellent service and great food. Moreover, you can excite guests who come to see your restaurant as the go-to place this autumn.