Real-life examples of dining Experiences hosted by Restaurants on OpenTable


While providing exceptional hospitality is the norm, some restaurants go above and beyond to craft truly unforgettable dining experiences for their guests. From multi-sensory tasting menus to intimate celebrations, these one-of-a-kind offerings transport diners into new worlds of flavour. In this guide, we explore real-life examples of how restaurants on OpenTable are using Experiences to host ticketed, pre-paid events that deliver hospitality at the highest level. Get inspired to elevate your guest experience.

Set menus

Keeping it simple to begin with, why not offer your guests a set menu Experience? Rooftop restaurant Mezemiso gives diners a set menu Experience to the backdrop of London’s River Thames, while iconic spot The Ivy in Chelsea Garden offers both a breakfast set menu and all-day option so guests can indulge morning through night.

Afternoon teas

There’s nothing quite as quintessentially British as afternoon teas, and it’s no surprise to see many restaurants offering one of Britain’s favourite pastimes. The iconic Madeleine Bar at the Stanley House Hotel & Spa elevates this beloved tradition with its Afternoon Tea Experience. Hosting an afternoon tea allows you to showcase your talents and provide guests with a delightful, leisurely dining occasion. You can tap into a beloved cultural experience that appeals to locals and visitors alike while generating revenue during off-peak hours.

Madeleine Bar Afternoon Tea Experience

Chef’s selection

Offering a chef’s selection set menu is a smart way for restaurants to showcase their team’s creativity and expertise. Plus, it allows chefs to curate a dining experience that highlights their best dishes and flavours of the moment. At Sumosan Twiga, the Chef’s Selection set menu provides this opportunity, treating diners to an artistic Japanese cuisine journey featuring the talented chef’s handpicked favourites.

Sumonsan Twiga Chefs Selection Set Menu Experience

Inclusive of local attractions

Restaurants located nearby local attractions do well to incorporate their surroundings into a unique dining Experience on OpenTable. For instance, plenty of spots in the West End offer pre or post-dinner options for diners who have seen or are about to see a show. Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill is a perfect example with its Post Theatre Dinner offered Mondays through Fridays—dinner and a show made easy.

Tasting menus

Tasting menus allow restaurants to flex their creativity by curating an immersive, multi-course dining journey. Guests get to experience the chef’s vision unfold through a sequence of thoughtfully prepared dishes. At Flesh & Buns in Covent Garden, diners can indulge in this exploratory experience with their signature tasting menu. Showcasing the kitchen’s innovative Japanese cooking skills, it promises a flavour-packed evening of artfully plated bites paired with craft cocktails or sake.

Discounted menus

An Experience with OpenTable doesn’t always need to be about engaging diners in something different. Sometimes you can simply offer discounted prices on your menu, especially if it’s during moments where the number of restaurant covers are lower than usual. Indian Moment offers 25% off its menu  Sunday to Thursdays, while SOUND Cafe does the same with off-peak Fridays to help to entice guests through the door. Providing a discount through Experiences can drive bookings during slower periods.

Indian Moment Restaurant Experience

Highlight your cuisine

For restaurants that specialise in specific cuisines, it’s always a good idea to channel your dish types into curated Experiences. Chakana in Birmingham lets diners immerse themselves in the vibrant flavours of Peru with its Peruvian tasting menu. Likewise, London Secret Garden transports guests to a farm-to-table setting thanks to its Farmers’ Grill sharing menu. Focusing on what your restaurant does best cuisine-wise is always a good way to highlight your strengths and differentiators.

Chakana Experience Tasting Menu

Go beyond the food

While food and drink are central to any dining experience, incorporating other elements your restaurant may offer can create multidimensional Experiences. For instance, Warren House Hotel’s “Sip & Dip” package combines its pool facilities with an indulgent afternoon tea service. Guests are treated to a rejuvenating swim followed by gourmet nibbles and a refreshing mocktail. An immersive afternoon of luxury, if you will. Thinking outside the box to spotlight your unique amenities alongside your menu can result in singular Experiences that entice guests.

Summary: It’s all in the Experience

From tasting menus that showcase artistry to unique packages that blend dining with distinctive amenities, the options for creating an unforgettable Experience are endless. By using OpenTable, you can easily promote these special ticketed events, generating prepaid revenue while providing the extraordinary hospitality modern diners crave. Get creative and use Experiences to elevate your dining program. Deliver the “something different” that keeps guests returning.

*The restaurant experiences described in this article were accurate as of May 2024 but are subject to change.