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We're always cooking up new features

Here's a sneak peek at some of our upcoming features.

Online Waitlist

Attract more walk-ins. GuestCenter’s online waitlist feature lets diners check the wait and get on your waitlist from anywhere. Your guests will be more willing to wait when they can wait on their own terms.

Animation of cellphone showing timer morphing into table

Smart Booking Recommendations

Eliminate costly gaps between reservations. By automatically monitoring and adjusting your availability, we help you seat the maximum number of diners every shift —a quick and easy way to increase profits.

Animation showing tables moving in Tetris like motions

Premium Access

The best diners for the hottest spots. For restaurants that are so busy they’re turning people away. If you’re in this enviable position, Premium Access gives you the ability to make tables available only to elite OpenTable diners. It’s a great option when quality is way more important than quantity.

Animation of doors opening to table and chairs

Guest Share

Share guest information across locations. Designed for hospitality-focused restaurant groups, this new feature shares guest information— like contact info, tags and notes—across all locations in your group. So when one of your VIPs visits a new location for the first time, they’ll instantly be recognised in the system, and your staff can roll out the red carpet.

Animation of people walking on red carpet