Supporting data-driven business decisions

Helping restaurants optimise their availability

Looking at my turn time report I can increase my availability on busy days. For example, on Saturdays, I can go from 3 seatings to 3½ or 4 seatings which make us more efficient and profitable.

Joel Placeres, Co-Owner & Director
Lobos Meat and Tapas
Soho, London

Our new reporting suite shows how your turn times differ by party size and day of the week. Learn how to optimise your restaurant to save valuable minutes per table that can have an impact on your bottom line

  • Review turn times for past dates and shifts
  • Filter by shifts
  • Compare current setup definition against the real average
  • Review the variability of turn times, by party size
  • Review turn times by source; such as Online, Phone and Walk-ins
  • Direct link to availability planning to take immediate action