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Reach a nationwide audience. OpenTable diners are savvy diners who eat out often. Stand out from the crowd with an exciting offer.

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Use your offer to attract more diners to your restaurant at ‘shoulder’ times and on quieter days.

Additional marketing

OpenTable promotes offers via dedicated search pages, email campaigns and social media promotions.

Greater control for you

Target your audience

Target the right audience for your restaurant with percentage off offers, set menus, tasting menus and 'experience' offers.

Pay for performance

There are no set-up costs or monthly subscriptions. With OpenTable offers, you only pay when a diner makes a seated offer booking at your restaurant.

Hassle free set-up

Set-up is quick and easy. Once your offer is live you can let it run for the duration of the period, or tweak it to better suit your needs.

From our customers

OpenTable offers has been a great way to increase covers for Asia de Cuba, bringing in new diners who we know will remain loyal customers. It’s simple to use and can easily be tweaked to suit our needs. We use it as an upsell tool - diners come in on the offer but then add supplementary dishes or choose a nice bottle of wine to accompany their meal. The last promotion that we ran with OpenTable generated in excess of 2000 covers.

Mikey Burgoyne – Area Food & Beverage Reservations Manager

Fill more seats when you need to

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