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OpenTable is marketing for your restaurant

Put the world’s largest diner network to work for you.

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Your new marketing department

We spend a lot so you don’t have to.

  • Be more bookable. Our app, website and widgets deliver 25M diners to restaurants every month.
  • Have more reach. We send out frequent emails to our network of engaged diners throughout the year.
  • Get more online exposure. Targeted ads on Google, Facebook and display networks bring you more covers.
  • Be seen more frequently. With 600+ integrations, you’ll be in front of more people more often.

You just need to make sure that you are open to every market, and OpenTable has a good way of doing that. If you don’t have a reservation system, you’re closing yourself off.

John Healy, GM
Suesey Street

We know what moves people

We offer different ways to boost your revenue.

  • Diners on demand. Get more diners when you need them with Bonus Points. Learn more →
  • Private dining. Book out your private dining and event spaces. Learn more →
  • Gift cards. Make more money by selling gift cards online. Learn more →
  • Special offers. Attract new diners with set menus, offers, and dining experiences. Learn more →
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Better experiences and loyalty

We’ll protect your online reputation and help you turn first-timers into regulars.

  • Better first impressions. Most restaurants get higher ratings on OpenTable than other sites.
  • No fake reviews. Only seated guests can rate or review your restaurant on OpenTable.
  • Grow your email list. Collect email addresses from your guests.
  • Hospitality leads to loyalty. Know your guests and their preferences before they even walk in the door.
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Get the guests you want

OpenTable brings you savvy diners who spend more and eat out more often.

  • They earn more. Nearly half of households earn more than £60k.
  • They spend more. More than two thirds spend £35 or more per person when dining out
  • They’re frequent diners. Over a third eat at a full-service restaurant at least once a week.
  • They book responsibly. Our 4.5% no-show rate is the lowest around, and we’re trying to get it lower.