Customise your availability

Bring order to chaos

GuestCenter gives you full control over your availability, so you can maximize each shift.

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Meet your full potential

New table categories let you offer more of your seats online while setting the right expectations with guests.

  • Increase covers and delight guests. Make your bar, counter, high-tops and outdoor seats reservable online.
  • Bigger tips. Increase check averages (and tips) by serving more full meals at the bar.
  • Fewer empty seats. Reduce the risk of an empty bar with advanced bookings.

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Screenshot of OpenTable Table Categories feature on iPhone

Control availability with ease

GuestCenter puts you in charge of when and how you show up to diners on OpenTable.

  • Control availability by sub-shift. Set different rules for the beginning, middle and end of each shift.
  • Control availability by table type. Set different availability for each table type (e.g. block outdoor tables for walk-ins during weekend brunch).
  • Control which seats are reservable. Put as many or as few seats online as you want—the choice is yours.
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Crowd control

Set limits and rules for large parties to keep your kitchen and servers from getting slammed.

  • Custom large party definitions. Whether it’s 6 or 16, you can define what a “large party” means for your restaurant.
  • Protect your staff. Decide when to accept large parties and when not to.
Overhead view of restaurant diners