Special Offers

Promote your restaurant with a signature dish or special menu.


Extra visibility

Give yourself maximum exposure by running a great value offer.

  • Extra marketing. Feature your restaurant promotions on OpenTable.
  • Be seen first. Boost your restaurant’s listing in search results.
  • Get discovered. Get mentioned in our emails to diners.
Person updating chalkboard in restaurant

Reach new diners

Offers appeal to first time diners looking for a new experience.

  • Undecided diners. Give undecided diners a reason to choose your restaurant over any other.
  • Create memorable dining experiences. Tasting menus and complimentary drinks give that special touch.
  • Keep it targeted. Offers don’t have to mean discounts. Use your existing set menus to attract the diners you want.
Diners in restaurant

Fewer empty tables

Use offers strategically to make the most of quieter shifts.

  • Catch the early bird. Use offers to attract more midweek or early diners.
  • Keep control. Only run offers on the days and shifts you really need it.
  • Stay competitive. Keep a step ahead and make sure your restaurant is found first.
Diners with server tasting wine

We use it as an upsell tool - diners come in on the special but then add supplementary dishes or choose a nice bottle of wine to accompany their meal.

Mikey Burgoyne, Area Food and Beverage Reservations Manager
Asia de Cuba

Starting from £3.50 a cover

Pricing shown is for UK restaurants.