After the Irish Restaurant Awards: Q&A with CoqBull – Best Digital Marketing winner

Coqbull Award (002)

At this year’s 8th annual Irish Restaurant Awards, the awards that help showcase the true talent that Ireland’s hospitality industry has to offer, CoqBull took home the award for Best Digital Marketing.

This accolade goes to the restaurant whose social media design, communication and presentation is creative, innovative and ground-breaking. In this Q&A CoqBull owner Mike Ryan shares how they have built such a strong brand, how they interact with their customers and what accolades such as this award means to their business. 

Coqbull award winners

Where did the name for your restaurant come from?

The name CoqBull originates from the simplicity of the locally sourced ingredients at the core of the brand’s promise, resulting in a raw, unapologetic and honest nature with a tongue-in-cheek attitude!

What does your brand represent?

We wanted to create something that would really excite and stand out in the market whilst also emphasising the honesty of the produce. It’s a young, humorous and bold brand, CoqBull is the ultimate embodiment of real food for real people.

How do want guests to interact with your restaurant?

Guests are encouraged to engage with the journey of their food, from its source in the countryside of Cork, to the cooking process of rubbing, marinating, and charring in the CoqBull kitchen, to how it’s finally served on the plate.

Coqbull Picture: Miki Barlok

How do you get that across?

This is translated through the punchy yet playful imagery that is injected throughout the restaurant. The open kitchen also allows you to see first hand the chefs busy at work, which gives a real atmosphere of theatre and vibrancy to the overall experience and entices the guest further into the world of CoqBull.

Tell me about the award. Is there one thing that you believe helped to win Best Digital Marketing?

Regular cheeky, clever digital marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Plus, great online competitions to encourage customer interaction – it all helped to achieve win this great award.

What does winning this award mean for your restaurant?

It gave us National recognition as we hope to grow the CoqBull brand in Ireland and UK over the next year.

CoqBull have won a few accolades. Do you feel that awards help grow your business and get more diners through the door?

Yes of course, winning these awards help us to develop our brand recognition, and gives off a huge amount of confidence when the public are deciding where to eat.

Coqbull Picture: Miki Barlok

Do you feel that awards such as this one give your business a certain amount of gravitas and recognition?

Absolutely, our press release about our award appeared on all local and national media.

How do you use the awards and accolades your restaurant wins to help promote your business?

Press releases helped with the local and national coverage and we ran a two-week campaign on all social media platforms after the award was announced, plus we designed new marketing material to promote the award.

How have you celebrated?

We had a great staff night out, lots of COQTAILS fun and frolics!

Coqbull Picture: Miki Barlok

We love to learn from others, so do you have examples of marketing campaigns that have not performed successfully?

One campaign which was not successful was a golf competition we ran. We learned that our target audience for CoqBull was not golfers.

For restaurants looking to run a successful digital marketing campaign, what are the top three tips you’d give?

Do not apply the hard sell online, use humour, know your local market, know what festivals and events are on, run interesting competitions, be innovative, and most importantly, use interesting content.

Photos courtesy of CoqBull


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