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Manage your floorplans, reservations and online waitlists all from one place–so you can run smoother shifts, get more covers and increase revenue.

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Tap into the world’s largest network of diners

Get discovered and capture the business of the millions of people, around the world and in your neighbourhood, searching on OpenTable.

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A reservation system with you in control

Solutions to manage and build your best business yet, and access to the largest network of guests—at your service.

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Bottom line—drive more revenue

From powerful marketing and data reporting, make more money when you access our network of millions.

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Run smooth shifts, period.

Every tool and integration you need to streamline your operations, from reservations and waitlists to shift planning and actionable insights.

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Guest relationships are your bread and butter

Hospitality is built on knowing each and every guest, no matter how they’re dining with you.

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We support 60,000 restaurants around the world

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Find the plan that’s right for you

Basic features, with the added ability to maximise your seatings, automate table statusing, and more

All Basic and Core features, plus relationship management to help create regulars and drive loyalty

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The largest, most valuable guest network
Connect to guests when you need them most, so you can maximise revenue and repeat business.

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Manage your business with intuitive tools and actionable insights you can rely on.

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